Pink Belt Mission

Sparsh NGO

The pink belt mission started by Aparna Rajawat mam aims to empower girls by giving the the training for self defence. I served as an ambassador for the organisation and in February we set a Guinness World Record for teaching the maximum amount of girls self defence at the same location. We set a record for training seven thousand girls at the same location.

Sparsh is an NGO locates in the Gadchiroli district which aims to give a life of dignity, respect and equality to women, the children and marginalised communities. I worked as their communications and marketing manager and handled and designed their social media posts also, I was responsible for managing their social media as per their monthly calendar and received appreciation from their founder for my work.

The joy of giving is incomparable and no riches can give you happiness which is as great as seeing a smile on someone’s face because of you.

Volunteering hasn’t been a task for me, it has always been a self fulfilling experience that gives me extreme happiness and pleasure.

I have been volunteering from the age of ten years for various causes like education, empowerment of girls etc.

Here are some of the causes I have volunteered for.

I have been volunteering for more than seven years with the Ek Pahel NGO. The zeal and enthusiasm of the underprivileged children to learn and explore is unmatched. I have been a part of their various programs relating to girl empowerment, child education, I have conducted activities, workshops, fundraiser, campaigned for save the girl child,and have actively engaged in underprivileged children’s education. The people there are amazing and passionate about helping these children and have taught thousands of children with utmost happiness.


I worked with the Malalo Sports Foundation as a volunteer of the United Nations. The Malalo Sports Foundation works to provide sport resources and educational materials to the underprivileged in Zambia. I was a part of the fundraising team and successfully raised the said amount.

Ek Pahel NGO

United Nations Volunteers