With a curious mind which is always ready to learn and explore, I have the sense of entrepreneurship embedded in me. Here are some of the projects that I have successfully created an impact with.

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Roshan Bharat

Roshan Bharat initiative was created to provide the underprivileged children with educational resources as well as mediums We have worked with underprivileged children on skill based growth and activities, provided them with educational material through our online platform ScholarBack. We aim to work on providing easy and accessible means of education while working to achieve the sdg 4, We have conducted skill based activities like Kidvention Challenge,Art Competitions , distributed books and stationary and have by far impacted over a 1000 children. Roshan Bharat has been one of 200 shortlisted projects amongst 1000’s in the futures project call for innovators.


My project’s name is GirlLytical which is an amalgamation of (Girl + Analytical) we aim to identify underprivileged girls who are passionate about STEM and then train them with the help of fellow STEM enthusiasts who are also girls. We aim to create a community of supportive STEM lovers who can work with the underprivileged girls and make them confident about working in STEM We are planning to achieve this with various resources like GirlLytical bootcamps, GirlLytical Seminars with STEM aficionados, There are also various STEMtivities which is a curated set of activities for these girls so that they can understand concepts better and easier. We will be making them acquainted with the subjects, the career options, the feasibility, conducting monthly workshops for a specific topic taught in that month that will be concluded with a GirlLytical Fair where each girl gets to show her understanding of the topic through a project hence generating ideas from young minds. We aim to create STEM girl leaders of tomorrow


ScholarBack is an e-learning platform created specially to connect Students to Paperbacks and to provide resources, books, high quality videos, live classes, and access to one on one sessions with mentors especially for the underprivileged children so that they can continue their education even during unprecedented times like these. The idea was presented at the Rutgers Global Entrepreneurship Experience and wanted great remarks from the experts.

FarCare Foundation

FarCare Foundation team aimed to help homeless youth using app and website based service we aim to provide skill training, counselling which would help them get back at their feet and also partner with restaurants and supermarkets to get food resource kits and in return would recruit the homeless to jobs with them

Quarantined Classrooms

Quarantined Classrooms was created with an aim to deliver access to quality education in rural and semi urban areas in times of the pandemic. I along with my team created this accessible and inexpensive mode of education system which aims to create a network of mobile libraries all across India and teach students via telecom and communications services like radios and tv which are a less expensive alternative to phones. Upon our research we also came to know that the radio is often times used as the main source of information available in all rural areas. Our project works in line with the new education policy and aims to teach students in their regional languages. We aim to not only teach but also skill teens in vocational skills as well. We are already in talks with two prominent NGOs and a big media firm to start our project and scale it up. Winner of the MIT COVID-19 Challenge

Low Income Digital Inclusive Education

As a team in the AFS Global Ideathon we developed a project for providing education to children which was inclusive and affordable as well. We came up with ideas within 48 hours and different time zones and presented our project called Low Income Digital Inclusive Education. Our team had a diverse set of people which helped in finding workable solutions for people from all across the world. We came up with novel ideas as to how we can solve this problem some of which being fostering partnership with the government, people, PWIDD’s.

Comprehensive, Safe and Inclusive Support for SRHR for Adolescents

BLOOM is an app and web based service which aims to tackle the biggest problem surrounding adolescent Sexual , Reproductive Heath and Rights which is the lack of information, advice, surrounding SRHR. Adolescents often find themselves trapped and in a situation where they are unable to access correct information and often look to seek help from someone who understands and doesn’t judge them. ‘BLOOM’ does that we provide adolescents access to verified information in the form of creative modules and offer assistance from healthcare workers, places to go for help, and the most important Peer to Peer support. Although simple this problem has entangled many adolescents in its web with often nowhere to go they suffer from diseases due to non disclosure of certain diseases they might be suffering from. BLOOM provides the required assistance, Quiz based learning and in-turn promotes learning and awareness around SRHR. Bloom won the Unleash Hacks For the SDG’s