Awards and Achievements

Here are some of the achievements that I have gathered throughout my journey ranging from academics to music to entrepreneurship.

Diana Award Recipient

The Diana Award honors young people who work to improve the lives of others. The Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Award is given out by the charity of the same name and has the support of both her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex.

Fellowship Royal Society Of Arts, London

RSA Fellowship is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development. RSA Fellows include Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Marie Curie and Charles Dickens, Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough, Ellen MacArthur and Professor Gilbert for her pioneering work in creating the Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine. I was selected as the youngest ever fellow from my country after a very selective process and was granted with the title of ‘FRSA’

World Literacy Award Finalist

World Literacy Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations annually for their outstanding endeavors that promote literacy learning. The Judging Panel of 15 eminent leaders from across the globe, including literacy leaders, Nobel Literature Prize recipients, and award-winning authors, I was shortlisted as a finalist as the only one from my country and five in the world.

Points Of Light Inspiration Honor Roll Honoree

Points of Light was started by the American President George H.W. Bush he believed that every societal problem is being solved somewhere by a group or an individual who demsotrate integrity, empathy, respect, optimism, conviction in the face of opposition, and belief in the power of the human spirit to create positive change. The Points of Light Inspiration Honor Roll was created to celebrate acts of service, kindness and civic engagement by individuals who create change in communities around the world. It recognizes the people who take action, in both large and small ways, to improve the lives of others will lift up stories of hope and resilience by everyday citizens who have demonstrated the courage and conviction to create positive change and tackle unique challenges. I was selected as an honouree for the prestigious Honor roll from thousands around the world.

AMP Global Scholar Full Scholarship Recipient

AMP Global Youth was founded by Yale students. They believe that together we can be engineers of a new system. We have the bold energy and unique vision to make great things happen. I was the recipient of their full scholarship from thousands of applicants and also had a chance to interact and learn from world leaders and scholars.

KidsRights Changemaker and Grant Recipient

The KidsRights Foundation is an international children's aid and advocacy organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"KidsRights seeks to give a voice to the utterly voiceless," the organisation quotes Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu as saying.

I was selected as a changemaker by the KidsRights Foundationand was also selected for their fundcatcher program to further help and support my initiative GirlLytical for Girls In STEM

YALE Persevere Program Scholar

The Persevere Program is a trusted scholarship fund based in New York City, they provide funding and long term mentoring for selected students; they strive to make a positive life-changing impact on all of their recipients by providing them with all the tools, resources, and monetary support they need in order to succeed. I was not only accepted to their highly selective program from a plethora of applicants but was also awarded their prestigious $500 scholarship given to 20 outstanding students.

Top 30 Innovators

Citi Bank UNDP Youth Co: Lab

I was selected from thousands of applicants as one of the top 80 innovators for the highly prestigious Youth Co:Lab Bootcamp by UNDP, Niti Aayog, Citi Bank, Gov. Of India. I was later selected as the finalist and top 30 after a rigorous selection process and my project was highlighted in the innovators showcase as well.

Winner- Hacks For The SDG’s

Out of the thousands of applicants that applied for the Unleash Hacks I was one of those who got selected as an Unleash Talent and was given a chance attend UNDP and Youth Co:Lab Movers Programme, I got to learn about the SDG’s and I was made to solve the issue of Adolescent SRHR, I created BLOOM which aims to solve the issue of lack of correct information and advice around SRHR for adolescents due to the stigma attached to this. I was awarded as the first prize winner.

Karmaveer Chakra

The Karmaveer Chakra Award is the global civilian honour The award is tribute to A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India. This prestigious civilian honor is given to champions of change who who contribute and make our country a better place with their ideas of change, those who are inspire positive change and help people in our society to develop/ enhance a positive mindset impacting a collective change in the society.

Winner-MIT Hack 4 The Future

I won the MIT Hack 4 The Future In Healthcare. My team created an AI driven solution to combat Diabetic Retinopathy which is the biggest cause of blindness around the world and type 2 diabetes patients are more prone to have it without even knowing. We created an early detection and screening, inexpensive solution which can be used from the comfort of your place to screen your eyes without waiting for a doctors appointment or having the fear to step out in the pandemic. E- CareBetics uses a dataset of a 110,000 images to give the user the right detection, eye health score, and advice as to what they should do next.

Full Scholarship and a Nomination to The Congress Of Future Medical Leaders

I was one of the selected students for The Congress it is an honors-only program for high school students who want to become physicians or go into medical research fields. My nomination was signed by Dr. Mario Capecchi, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and the Science Director of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists to represent my state based on my own academic achievement, leadership potential and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine. I was given a full scholarship to be a part of the prestigious congress.

Winner- MIT Hacking Racism In HealthCare

I won the MIT Hacking Racism In Healthcare Hackathon organised by the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Our team worked on population health and wellness and designed an easy to access healthcare navigation tool called CareMap which served as a means to help the minorities communicate and navigate their way through the complex healthcare system. CareMap is equipped with facilities like Doctors Meet-ups, Appointments Scheduling, Lab Tests, Access to Medicine, Transportation, Diabetes Education, and most importantly peer to peer support.

Inamori Scholarship

The University of California San Diego has partnered with the Inamori Foundation to provide scholarship to one high performing deserving student to attend their Research Scholars Program . I was offered the prestigious Inamori scholarship as a research scholar where we get to learn, assimilate and prepare designs, formulate hypothesis,and analyse data in molecular biology.

Rutgers Global Entrepreneurship Experience Scholarship

I was selected with a full scholarship to attend the Rutgers Global Entrepreneurship Experience and not only that I learnt business skills from some of the biggest names in the industry, like Congnizant, Facebook and Landlit to name a few. At the end we were supposed to present a pitch to the mentors about any business idea we had I pitched ScholarBack which is a service created to connect students to books, mentors, conference etc. after which I was awarded the certificate for successfully completing the experience.

Wake Forest University Scholarship

I I was awarded with a 100% scholarship to attend the summer immersion program offered by the Wake Forest University USA which is given to highly dedicated and talented students who show a good record in their class.

I was able to learn from top notch instructors about the various things ranging from patient care, rehab, first response to emergency, etc. I made various assignments along with a final capstone about Telemedicine

Winner- MIT COVID-19 India Turing The Tide

I was selected from a pool of 3000+ students to participate in the MIT India Turning The Tide Challenge organised by MIT by partnering with brands like Unilever, Niti Aayog, Government Of India, Godrej, Flipkart, Zomato after that we were to form teams with the tracks chosen and I chose the track b which was about delivering access to quality education in rural and semi urban areas in times of the pandemic. I along with my team created a project called the Quarantined Classroom which aims to create a network of mobile libraries all across India and teach students via telecom and communications services like radios and tv which are an inexpensive source of information available in all rural areas. Our project works in line with the new education policy and aims to teach students in their regional languages. We are already in talks with two prominent NGOs to start our project and scale it up.

Winner- Prepr Labs Beyond COVID-19 Challenge

Inclusion Health won Prepr labs Community Challenge for creating a project for the people in the pandemic we also received $1500 and 5000 aws credits to further work on our project

AFS Intercultural Programs Scholarship

I was selected with a partial scholarship as one of the 25 people in the world to attend the AFS Intercultural Programs Global You Adventurer Program with over 16 hours of learning and live sessions I learnt a lot about different cultures, and how can I be a better citizen of the world. We were taught new techniques like D.I.V.E and a self identity flower and it was an amazing experience

Winner- AFS Global Ideathon

AFS Ideathon was organised to get new ideas to the front so as to solve issues. Our team worked on the topic of ‘low income digital inclusive education’ we created sustainable solutions to help people with disabilities get access to education and were announced as one of the winners.

I was awarded from amongst the 500 participants from all across India in the category of Singing (Hindustani Musical)

Award of Appreciation- Mayor’s Office

I was awarded by the mayor of my city and was presented with an appreciation letter acknowledging the work that I have done for the education of the underprivileged children. I was commended by him for the zeal and passions that I exhibited during all the activities that I undertook for the underprivileged children.

I was awarded in the category of Hindustani music (religious + folk) *2 for my performance

Winner-ASISC Regional Creative Writing Competition

I was declared winner after writing on a topic declared on the spot from amongst various schools from my region by the association of schools for the Indian school certificate.

Winner- Oakwood Award for Exceptional Talent

I was presented with this award by the principal of Oakwood School for my singing capabilities.

Winner Best Children’s Show 90.8 FM

I was given this award by the 90.8 FM( Ministry of Telecommunications and Broadcasting) for running a successful children’s show for a number of seasons.

Exceptional Girl Achiever Award

I was given this award for my exceptional efforts to uplift underprivileged children and raising awareness through my radio shows on the National Girl Child Day.

Ek Pahel Exceptional Achiever Award

I was given this award on the occasion of Christmas where I successfully conducted a fundraising rock show. I was felicitated by Ek Pahel for my efforts.

I received this award every year of school for obtaining the highest marks in one or the other subject. I received it on the account of scoring the highest marks in that particular area.

Green Achiever- Taj Literature Festival

I was given this awaard on account of my work for conservation of nature as well as using the way of singing to promote climate conservation.

Springfield International Science Olympiad & International English Olympiad

I scored a record breaking 115/120 (29/39) on the International English Olympiad and a 115/120 on the International Science Olympiad conducted by SpringField